3-Seater Outdoor Sofa

Product Model    VRN01

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L:221 D:87 H:81.5 cm (three-seater sofa)
L:85 D:87 H:81.5 cm (single sofa)
L:90 D:90 H:28.5 cm (square table)
L:59 D:59 H:37 cm (square table)


The collection showcases both modern design and traditional craftsmanship with its striking fishnet style weave pattern.

The piece has been elegantly designed with a tall, enveloping back and an airy, open-weave which adds a sense of light and elegance. The incredibly soft cushioning allows for an extremely comfortable outdoor lounging experience. 

Made with durable materials like water repellent sunproof olefin which is stain and water resistant making it an ideal outdoor fabric. 

With a style that is similar to the classic barrel chair, the Venice Beach Low-Back Chair is sleek and sophisticated with a beachy feel. Its thick cushion of  outdoor canvas provides superior comfort when relaxing while its green roping curves around its back to give structure and a sense of whimsy to its overall striking appearance.

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Aluminium is an ideal metal for outdoor use as it highly durable but also lightweight. All of our aluminium pieces have been coated with environmentally friendly paint which is toughened to minimise scratching and chipping.

Aluminium does not rust so the furniture can be kept outside all year around and is corrosion resistant meaning that it will not rust, irrespective of how long it is kept outdoors. The result - low maintenance outdoor furniture which is durable enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions. 



There are many benefits to Olefin Outdoor Fabric, some of these are: 

Weatherproof: Olefin is able to withstand prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain and humidity. The fabric is protected by an invisible shield around each fibre meaning that moisture can be wiped off easily, ensuring the piece dries quickly. Additionally it is also resistant to mildew, and insects.

Stain Resistance: This fabric has gone through a special treatment to reduce the fabrics absorption of soil and stains. This ensures the fabric remains clean and vibrant. 

Fade Resistant: Olefin is a superior outdoor fabric which is resistant to fading. Solution dyeing is used in production, lending Olefin to incredible colourfastness.

Durable: This material is highly durable and stands up particularly well to abrasion.

Cleanability: Due to the fabrics being woven with solution dyed olefin yarns, the fabrics can be safely cleaned

Comfort: Olefin does not transmit static charges, and it is remarkably soft and smooth.

Environmentally Friendly: No land or water is used during production. The fibre is also highly recyclable.


Made from 100% solution-dyed polypropylene yarns. Using a special UV protection and antioxidants in a patented spinning process. This material offers great resistance to sunlight, dirt and chlorine for many years.

We recommend frequent vacuuming or lightly brushing off dirt/dust to avoid stains or mildew. Most dirt and stains can be cleaned off if treated promptly. The fabrics/rope can be washed with lukewarm water.

Colour: White & Green

Primary Material: Metal

Internal Material: Cane

Fabric: Upholstery / Chenille / Velvet

Size Available(D*L*H):

Seat Height: 1.4 Feet

Net Weight: 200 Kgs (Approx)

Package Details: Garden Chair

Style: Modern & Contemporary

Type: Garden Chair

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