Oval Marble Dining Table

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H. 73 cm, W. 164 cm, D. 110 cm


  • Marked on the foot with a label. Organically designed construction with base and top in glossy white lacquered plastic reinforced with fiberglass.

    The dining table is made of fibreglass and comes in two sizes; large and oval. It is only available in white, the colour specified to best showcase its sculptural details.

    The Wooden version of the classic was added to the collection . The table is made from maple and has two colours to choose from - Walnut & Natural. 

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    Dining table with 12mm thick sintered stone top with white marble finish with gray tone grain. 

    The base is formed by two design pieces made of MDF veneered in natural ash placed in warm white with a matte finish that reveals the grain of the wood itself.

    It is a word for a particular kind of curve that is shaped like an arch. This table is all about graceful curves and arches.

    The Oval Dining Table 164x110cm has an oval tabletop with a rimmed edge. Under the upper surface, the top swells to form a concave shape. This sculptural top rests on a frame that is just as intricate and elegant. It has a round base from which it rises while leaning towards one side. The tabletop and the sloped base are joined at the side giving the table another unique feature. It is made of fibreglass which is strong and durable. Finishing has been done with a gel coat which gives the table a high gloss finish that enhances its high-end, sophisticated look.

    The Oval Dining Table 164x110cm has a length of 164cm, a width of 110cm and a height of 72cm. It comes in a neutral colour. Every gathering around this table will be an elegant affair.

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